– updated February 2016

The Canada 55+ Games offers a combination of Mandatory, Optional and Bonus Events.  The Mandatory Events are held at all Games – exemptions are only made under extreme circumstances.  Optional Events will vary from games to games.  Bonus Events are ones that the Host Committee may add to the schedule on a non-interference basis with the other events time permitting, thus allowing some participants to play in more than one sport. Host cities may also request to hold other events and sports for consideration in their bids.  These Games/Events are referred to as “demonstration” events, however final approval of all events and sports is made by the CSGA Board.  To download a copy of the Master Rule Book (2015) please click on the button below.

Mandatory Events

Optional Events

Bonus Events

Master Rule Book Downloadable Sections

There will be a revision of the Master Rule Book in September ,2017 which will contain some minor changes. Should you wish to know any changes to date please contact your respective director.

Table of Contents

General Regulations

Competition Regulations

Game Courtesies

Event Regulations

Games Forms & Misc

Appendix #1 – Grievance Form

Appendix #2 – Rule Change Suggestion Form

Appendix #3 – Participant Number by Year (Chart)